R&I, Reporting and Quality

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R&I, Reporting and Quality by Mind Map: R&I, Reporting and Quality

1. R&I

1.1. Mobile

1.1.1. Products to research eSIM IoT Private Networks AR/VR Connection Manager

1.1.2. Biweekly Report Relevant industry announcements Vendors Operators

1.1.3. Trends to watch

1.1.4. Covid impacts on Mobile Products

1.2. B2B

1.2.1. Trends to watch

1.2.2. Covid impacts on B2B Products

1.2.3. Compose a list of products to research

1.2.4. Biweekly Report Relevant industry announcements

2. Reporting

2.1. B2B

2.1.1. Redbook Design structure Products to be included KPIs to be considered

2.1.2. New Products Include Reporting in their activities

2.2. Mobile

2.2.1. Redbook Products Summary Statistics Data Usage per Technology Voice Usage per Technology Devices details New Products Adoption and Usage Firstnet

2.2.2. Products Launched FWA Rise VoWifi To be launched Community Wifi eSIM IoT Skymond

2.2.3. Information availability Trustable information from Panama Trustable information from Chile Automatization of data availability

3. Quality

3.1. B2B

3.2. Mobile

3.2.1. Quality Meetings Chile Panama (launch) Jamaica (launch)

3.2.2. Products Launches Participate on Reporting Definition Coordinate with Contact Centers and/or Support Depts Evaluate Customer Satisfation

4. Crianza

4.1. Day 1

4.1.1. Plan Preparation TSA Reviews Operational Review

4.2. Afted Day 1

4.2.1. Finish TSAs Work Plan CAPEX OPEX