Sample Action Map

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Sample Action Map by Mind Map: Sample Action Map



1.1.1. DO 2 Go to lunch with Bob 6 Write the final chapter of my productivity book 2 Review book cover designs and choose one 4 Create intro for Productivity 101 presentation

1.1.2. Break Away Session Order new business checks from printer Make a dentist appointment (800) 555-1212

1.1.3. Plan Tomorrow, Today My Calendar Day of the Week Triggers

1.2. Actions in Focus

1.2.1. Home/Life Trim the trees around the house Clean out the garbage Do spring maintenance on house

1.2.2. Business/Work Organize my office Organize my business files [Sept] Launch A new Business Website Evaluate and define the goals of the new site Find a good Web developer Plan a meeting with the designer to discuss my novels Test the new site before it goes live Create and send out a press release to announce the site's launch Reference Possibilities

1.2.3. Groups/Clubs

1.3. Follow-ups

1.3.1. Bob Smith - Proposal sent on 5/18/12

1.3.2. Carol - The Incredibles movie lent on 5/19/12

1.3.3. Amazon - Mixer, created on 5/20/12

1.4. Errands