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E-Distribution by Mind Map: E-Distribution

1. Buyer

1.1. Registration

1.2. View Content

1.2.1. Initiate a Bid Edit Withdraw

1.2.2. Request for Preview

1.2.3. Watch Trailers / Directors Cut

1.2.4. Payment

1.3. View Bids

1.3.1. Edit

1.3.2. Withdraw

1.3.3. View Status Payment Agreement Withdraw Renewal

2. Seller

2.1. Registration

2.2. Bidding

2.2.1. Post a New Bid (with dimensions) View Current Bids Approve Reject Approved Bids Track Payment Collect Details Agency Co-ordination Rejected Bids Re-Approve Follow up Edit Bid Cancel Bid Refund EMD Initiate Refund for Closed Bids

2.2.2. History of Bids

2.2.3. Renewal of Bid Approve Track Payment Agency Co-ordination Reject Re-Approve Follow up

2.3. Content Management

2.3.1. Post a new Movie Add Details Add Trailers Miscellaneous

2.3.2. Edit an existing Movie Trailers Director's Cut

2.4. Communication

2.4.1. Ads

2.4.2. Chat / Emails