Cyber Space Tet OSINT CTF

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Cyber Space Tet OSINT CTF by Mind Map: Cyber Space Tet OSINT CTF

1. Google Sites

1.1. /support

1.1.1. Disabled

1.2. /home

1.2.1. Current situation Ransom Hacked by ____

1.2.2. wayback FLAG_8

2. Company

2.1. YouTube Channel The GBig Lingerie Company

2.1.1. Multiple playlists Navigate to the right video Encoded Flag_2 Fake Flags (descriptions)

2.1.2. About Fake Flag

2.2. Twitter

2.2.1. Clue to Google Maps User Review

2.2.2. Clue to password for Flag_3

2.3. Google Maps Contributions by Green Tea

2.3.1. Review Flag_9 Bunch of fake reviews

3. Friend went offline

3.1. Last clue @username

3.1.1. Profiles Twitter Encoded Flag_1 p1 + Clue to picture Clue to company Clue to YouTube comment 1 Reddit Fake Flag Suggestion for image brightness enhancement Clue to YouTube comment 2 Pinterest Pins

3.1.2. Mentions Instagram Suggestion for decoding Flag_1 Clue to Company 2 YouTube "About" section "Community" section

3.1.3. Last pictures taken Encoded Flag_1 p2 (image brightness) Fake Flag (Metadata)