COSME Call - Project Plan

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COSME Call - Project Plan by Mind Map: COSME Call - Project Plan

1. WP5 - Reporting and policy RECOMMENDATIONS

1.1. Mapping critical technological companies within the clusters and outside them

1.2. Drafting and promoting guidelines and lessons learned report

1.3. Drafting policy recommendations to the EU

2. WP6 - Communication and DISSEMINATION

2.1. Design a communication strategy

2.2. Organise two peer review meetings

2.3. Organise joint peer review meetings between the two pilot projects

3. WP1 - Pooling the demand of traditional SMEs for the uptake of advanced technologies

3.1. In-depth strategic identification of the needs of SMEs

3.2. Build strategic alliances between SMEs with similar technological challenges

4. WP2 - Bridging SME's through HACKATHONs

4.1. To organise at least 5 different hackathons on how to better support the adoption of advanced technologies

4.2. P.S. Participation of SMEs from regions with strong industrial transition needs should be particularly supported

5. WP3 - Devising business offers through MATCHMAKING events

5.1. Organise and manage at least 5 virtual match-making events

5.2. Creation of joint business projects and value chain linkages

6. WP4 - Establishment of STRATEGIC ALLIANCES

6.1. Organise technical assistance through technology centres

6.2. Provide business support for the adaptation of advanced technologies

6.3. Helping to expand tech-savvy SMEs market potential in the EU