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Improvement by Mind Map: Improvement

1. Finances

1.1. Set up a weekly expense review process

1.1.1. Set up a recurring expense mindmap

1.1.2. Review expenses

1.1.3. Categorize recurring expenses by budget allocation

1.1.4. Eliminate unnecessary expenses

1.1.5. Set up a weekly payment system

1.2. Re-Finance Mortgage

1.3. Purchase a financial system

2. Process Improvement

2.1. Organize Mail

2.1.1. Disposition previous mail

2.1.2. Set up a weekly mail review process

2.1.3. Set up a regular mail scanning/recording process

2.2. Return Orders

2.2.1. LLBean

2.2.2. Amazon Orders

3. Career Development

3.1. Join a chapter, committee, organization

3.2. Mentor outreach

3.3. GMAT planning

3.4. Domain Capture @ work

4. Personal Organization

4.1. Meditation

4.1.1. The 5 second rule

4.1.2. Set Habits not Goals

4.2. Organize Clothes

4.2.1. Disposition all clothes Keep Store Donate Trash

4.3. Set up a weekly rhythm

4.3.1. Plan a weekly rhythm

5. Home Improvement

5.1. Garage Improvement

5.1.1. Disposition boxes Make room for xTerra

5.1.2. Fix Garage Door Opener Purchase a new garage door opener Figure out installation plan

5.2. Organize study

5.2.1. Organize study closet Create the shelving system Disposition carton boxes

5.2.2. Re-organize study #1 (upstairs)

5.2.3. Re-organize study #2 (first floor)

5.3. Organize Basement

5.3.1. Organize theater room Build the audio cabinet Build the audio system Purchase banana plugs Purchase banana connectors Set up the audio speakers in the wall

5.3.2. Clean Up Organize Paartha's Toys Organize shelving parts Move exercise equipment Move dining table

5.3.3. Fix Window

5.4. Organize the Yard

5.4.1. Submit the HOA permit

5.4.2. Set up date with the contractor