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Caller by Mind Map: Caller

1. If you are an existing customer press 1

1.1. For technical support, press 1

1.2. If you would like to request additional services, press 2

2. If you are a new customer please, press 2

2.1. If you are looking for IT Services such as Cloud Services, End-User Computing Support, or Microsoft 365 Support, press 1

2.2. If you are looking for application services such as Application Development, Application Support, or Migration, press 2

2.3. If you are looking for Automation Services such as Process & Reporting Automation, IoT Based Solutions or Business Intelligence Services press 3

2.4. If you are looking Cyber Security related services such as Virus Issues, Security Threats, or IT Compliance Support, press 4

2.5. To speak to the sales team, press 5