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1. One piece flow VS mass production

1.1. Cycle Time

1.1.1. The total time from the beginning to the end of your process, as defined by you and your customer

1.2. Lead Time

1.2.1. The amount of time that passes from the start of a process until its conclusion.

1.3. Takt Time

1.3.1. Rate at which you need to complete a product to meet customer demand.

1.4. Simulation

1.4.1. Step 1 :Tracing

1.4.2. Step 2: Cutting

1.4.3. Step 3 : Adhering

2. 8 Types of waste

2.1. Definition of waste

2.1.1. Anything that does not transform your product or service into what the customer wants

2.2. Over Production

2.2.1. Whenever you make more than needed or make sooner than needed

2.3. Inventory

2.3.1. Need to constantly manage it, takes up space and spread stuff out

2.4. Motion

2.4.1. Human motion such as walking, lifting and raeching

2.5. Transportation

2.5.1. Movement such as truck and cart

2.6. Extra Processing

2.6.1. Added steps and taken to get things right

2.7. Waiting

2.7.1. wasteful time spent, bad for business and waste in the system

2.8. Defects

2.8.1. Bad product or service, need to scrapped or reworked

2.9. Talents

3. Overall equipment effectiveness

3.1. (Availability)*(Performance)*(Quality)= OEE

3.2. Availability = Uptime/ Production time

3.3. Performance = Current speed / Ideal speed

3.4. Quality = Good parts produced / All parts produced

3.5. Definition

3.5.1. Identifies the percentage of manufacturing time that is truly productive

4. Single-minute exchange of die

4.1. Standardize work

4.2. 5S Disciplines

4.3. Internal activities

4.4. External activities

4.5. Definition

4.5.1. system for dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete equipment changeovers

5. Hoshin Kanri

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. A method to point to the right direction significantly

5.2. 1. Vision and mission values

5.3. 2.Strategic thrust Area

5.4. 3.Develop Annual Objectives

5.5. 4.Deploy Annual Objectives

5.6. 5.Implement Annual Objectives

5.7. 6.Monthly Reviews

5.8. 7.Annual Reviews

6. Karakuri

6.1. Definition

6.1.1. mechanical gadgets that improve your processes and conveyance systems