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Purser Tax by Mind Map: Purser Tax

1. Address: Unit 3, 31-33 Meadow Lane Long Eaton Derbyshire NG10 2FE United Kingdom Phone: 0800 435 5604 Website: https://www.pursertax.com/ Our Company Serve You Identify Your Tax Responsibilities Purchasing in real estate in the United States can be definitely a good option. You might access a new industry for your business, gain a new revenue stream, enjoy a budget-friendly vacation home, or even add down roots in your new country with a US-based residence. However, there might be times when you need to sell your property, and it might be challenging to know what your tax liabilities will be in the event of a sale. Our transcontinental tax experts might aid determine your tax liabilities to both the US and UK. If you are definitely considering selling your US-based property, let's discuss.