Training on the 7th

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Training on the 7th by Mind Map: Training on the 7th

1. Commitment Tab

1.1. Effective Date Field

1.2. Issue Date Field

1.3. Schedule A

1.3.1. Working in Current Title Holders Tab

1.3.2. Working in Legal Description Tab Subdivided Property Demonstrate Lookup Condominium Unit Demonstrate Lookup Metes and Bounds Description What auto pulls in? Multiple Parcels Adding Assessed Legal

1.4. Schedule B

1.4.1. Which Tabs do we use? Requirements Tab Inserting from the Lookup Table Order by requirement type Formatting Exceptions Tab Order of Exceptions

1.5. Ctrl F

1.5.1. Revision Date

1.5.2. Revision Number

1.6. Commitment Policy Notes

1.6.1. Adding a Note Kim's note template

1.6.2. Viewing Notes Commitment Tab Main Tab Task Tab

1.6.3. Editing Notes

1.7. Access the Premium Tab (tab will be discussed under Premium Tab section below)

2. Printing, Publishing and Emailing the Commitment

2.1. Generating the Commitment

2.1.1. Click Printer Icon

2.1.2. Select Correct Commitment Set (Underwriter)

2.1.3. Moving and removing docs

2.1.4. Order Commitment Invoice Commitment Jacket

2.1.5. Print Documents button

2.2. .RTF Document Viewer

2.2.1. Reviewing for formatting errors Numbering/Spacing errors Extra pages Checking the Invoice

2.2.2. Saving to Filescan as .pdf Click - Send all to Filescan Naming Conventions Pre Commitment Package Commitment Package Title Revision X Select Category/Sub Category

2.3. Publishing

2.3.1. via right click

2.4. Filscan tips

2.4.1. Moving files between folders

2.4.2. Renaming files

2.4.3. Merging files

2.4.4. Wpdf viewer

2.4.5. Dragging files in via File Scan Transfer Folder

2.5. Emailing the Commitment from Filescan

2.5.1. Make sure Outlook is open

2.5.2. Right Click - Select "Email"

2.5.3. Select Desired recipients

2.5.4. Complete in Outlook

3. Order Entry Tab

3.1. Main Tab

3.1.1. Underwriter Field Explain underwriter by Branch Explain relationship between UW and Premium Calculations

3.1.2. Order Category Field Most Common 10 - Pre Order 14 - Cash Transaction 17 - Split Closing - List Side 18 - Split Closing - Buy Side 1 - Both Sides (Real Deal) 2 - Refinance 12 - Land Contract Others you will rarely use 3 - Commercial 6 - New Construction 7 - Home Equity 8 - 2nd Mortgage 13 - Search Only 16 - Construction Loan

3.1.3. Kind of Premium - most commonly used Recent Transfer credit being given. Recent Transfer E/O S/L (Extended Owner / Standard Loan) - 2359 Recent Transfer S/O S/L (Standard Owner / Standard Loan) - 2360 Recent Transfer credit not being given. Eagle Owner / Alta Loan - 2312 Advantage / Eagle - 2303 Basic (Standard Owner / Standard Loan) - 2300

3.1.4. Service Radial Owner Cash Transaction (14) List Side Transaction (17) Land Contract (12) Mortgagee Buy Side Transaction (18) Refinance Transaction (2) Simultaneous Real Deal - Both Sides (1)

3.1.5. Member File No. Field Discuss C Files Discuss special circumstance - West Bloomfield / PLN

3.1.6. General Notes Kim Kress and the importance of adding thorough notes. Viewing Notes Adding Notes Editing Notes Deleting Notes - limitations

3.1.7. Sales Rep Field (Examiner)

3.1.8. Sales Price Field

3.2. Buyer / Seller Tab

3.2.1. Toggling between buyers and sellers Tab

3.2.2. Entering a Buyer/Seller Name Insert New Buyer/Seller button Multiple Buyers/Sellers Adding/Removing a Buyer/Seller Business Name field

3.2.3. The Edit Buyer/Seller button

3.2.4. Agents Look up Agent Introduction to Super Search Click Super Search button Search By button (use last name) Input Last name in Contact - Last Checkboxes View / Edit an Agent Introduction to the Agent Vendor Card Requesting an Agent Add (if you can't find the correct agent)

3.3. Loan Tab

3.3.1. Sales Price (alternate field)

3.3.2. Loan Amount Field

3.3.3. Lender Lookup Running Supersearch in closed mode Supersearch by Name, City (bottom button)

3.3.4. Loan Number Field

3.4. Property Tab

3.4.1. Layout Field / Sub, Condo Fields Subdivided Condominum Metes & Bounds

3.4.2. Lot/Unit, Book, Page, County Fields

3.4.3. Type of Municipality / Municipality Name Fields - Double Check

3.4.4. Search Type / Reference File No. Fields

3.4.5. Property Type Field

3.4.6. Address Fields

3.4.7. Payee Name Fields Supersearch by Name/City May need to Request Agent Add

3.4.8. Inserting additional properties

3.5. Miscellaneous Tab

3.5.1. Type of Order Field Relationship between Type of Order and Order Category

4. Premium/Invoice Screens

4.1. Premium Screen

4.1.1. Two Ways to access Invoice Commitment

4.1.2. Delete Old Premiums

4.1.3. Insert New Premium

4.1.4. Auto Calculate

4.1.5. Adding a Work Fee

4.1.6. What Drives the Premiums? Service Radial Button Kind of Premium Field Order Category Field Underwriter Field

4.2. Invoice Screen

4.2.1. Invoice Icon

4.2.2. Fill Invoice w/ filed premiums

5. Intro to DataTrace

5.1. Running the Search

5.1.1. Property Portion Sub Search Condo Search Metes & Bounds - ARB

5.1.2. Name Portion

5.2. Printing Search Docs

5.3. Saving the Search

5.3.1. Print Preview Screen

5.3.2. A bit about naming files

5.4. Running Updates

5.4.1. Datatrace Update types CAP CPE CPT (Titlewave)

6. Patriot Searches

6.1. Opening up Closing Market

6.2. Removing unnecessary names

6.3. Changing Search Type from "Exact" to "Contains"

6.4. What to do if there's a hit

6.4.1. add requirement to commitment

6.4.2. no need to add note


7.1. (Work from Pacer Training Word Doc)


8.1. Through Datatrace

8.2. Through Supersearch

8.3. Ordering out from Titlewave

9. Plat Maps

9.1. Super Search

9.2. Datatrace

9.3. LARA Website Use Shawn's Instructions)