Digital Project Mind Map

Explaining about Digital Project Management

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Digital Project Mind Map by Mind Map: Digital Project Mind Map

1. 1. What is Digital Project?

1.1. a. Developing project by online (Virtual)

1.2. b. Projects team might be work in different location but integrate with a single platform of design, devlopment,testing in online

1.3. c. Virtual machines willbe using by the teams Eg: VMware etc

2. 2. How to Develop a Digital Project?

2.1. a. Organize the setup of HW, SW , netwrok, etc connect with Cloud Network Eg: Amazon Web services etc

2.2. b. Team should be communicated and co ordinated with single communication platform like ZOOM, Team meeting or even Skype etc

3. 3. Features of Digital Project

3.1. a. Can develop project very fast and accurate due to single way sharing , communicating

3.2. b Reducing Time, Cost, Effort, Limited resources, on time deliverales, mutual understanding with client, team, virtual office, clarity on requirements due to co ordination with team and client etc