The viral case of Amazon rainforest fire 2019: Media Portrayal, Formation and Decay

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The viral case of Amazon rainforest fire 2019: Media Portrayal, Formation and Decay by Mind Map: The viral case of Amazon rainforest fire 2019: Media Portrayal, Formation and Decay

1. 3.The viral criteria

1.1. Definition of virality

1.1.1. "viral" in epidemiology & virology

1.1.2. Definition of virality of information

1.2. Criteria

1.2.1. Sigmoid curve (speed) Graph from Google Trends etc. critical mass (tipping point) acceleration and momentum gradual decay (promoted and social?) way>number

1.2.2. Reach numbers those who consumed the info, wether they shared it or not network weak ties and interests clusters to clusters

1.2.3. human aspect wether they might share the info or not, and wether the next person might share it

2. 1. Introduction

2.1. What is the topic?

2.2. Goal of the topic?

2.2.1. To have a better look at information virality (definition), to understand what can cause something to go viral based on the bottom-up perspective and why it disappears so fast

2.3. Questions aim to answer?

2.3.1. Why does the fire happen every year, but only in 2019 was is so significant

2.3.2. What are the viral criteria?

2.4. due to the limited length and thie complexity of the problem only some aspect only a part of the aspects

3. 2. Summary of timeline, highlights, background of the event primarily on the internet

3.1. Over view on amazon rainforest fire

3.1.1. Importance of Amazon rainfores

3.1.2. Usual causes & Influences?

3.1.3. Causes & Influences of the recent fires

3.2. Origin of the event

3.2.1. When

3.2.2. Where

3.3. Consequential events?

3.3.1. response? Traditional media? celebrities, important figures, etc. general

3.3.2. misinformations

4. 4.The formation of the viral event of Amazon rainforest fire

4.1. remarkability/emotions

4.1.1. scary, devastating, moving, etc Storytelling?

4.1.2. importance of amazon rainfores, scale

4.1.3. negative feelings with high arousal (vgl. contagious)

4.2. Context / timming

4.2.1. global warming, climate change being the big topic

4.2.2. advocations

4.3. Interconnectivity

4.3.1. allows infos to jumps from clusters to clusters and spread

4.4. (Explain the bottom up perspective and why I choose to go with it) ?

5. 5.The decay

5.1. The decline in growth, not number of posts or sharings, go back to the sigmoid curve

5.2. Why?

5.2.1. loss of attention

5.3. insttutionalizing public & individal memmory

5.3.1. stickyness: the ability to become viral again (vgl. all I want for christmas)

5.3.2. tendency to remember moments that made a difference

6. 6. Conclusion

6.1. a brief summary of the whole work