Policy Ideas

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Policy Ideas by Mind Map: Policy Ideas

1. Economic Policy Based

2. SES based policy

3. BioPyschoSocial Approach To Chronic Pain

4. covid related policy

5. Quality of Care

6. QI

7. Emergency Medicine

7.1. Socioeconomic factors

7.1.1. Social work team member as part of care team. Sometimes used in free clinics so why not mandate them in EDs in order to reduce burden of care for frequent fliers economic aspect Social work incorporated in routine emergency care There is current policy requiring social work for survivors of sexual assault (SANE Team) https://www.texmed.org/Template.aspx?id=42680&terms=social%20work%20emergency%20department Critically important for EDs that serve high volume of underserved patients Mandated Social Worker for those patients with repeat visits of the same complaint whether its uncontrolled diabetes, HTN, etc. patients are labeled as "non compliant" when its not really volitional

7.1.2. As American medical care financing has become increasing dependent on pooled risk, and as insurance has concurrently become more difficult to obtain, millions are left with no affordable means of obtaining routine medical care. These people know that emergency departments have both statutory and ethical obligations to see all who seek their care

7.1.3. The UK has already adopted a growing use of social services attached to hospital services. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1726042/pdf/v020p00134.pdf

7.1.4. There is a TMA policy on the SDH https://www.texmed.org/Template.aspx?id=52622&terms=social%20work%20emergency%20department

7.2. Physician Leaders (Lewis Goldfrank,