UTS Morphology

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Morphology by Mind Map: Morphology

1. Morphs

1.1. The real forms utilized to form a morpheme

1.2. An element of speech or writing that represent and expresses one or more morphemes

1.2.1. Examples The words "students" has two morphemes (student-s).

2. Allomorphs

2.1. A different realizations of on morpheme

2.1.1. Examples Plural morphemes but different way of pronouncing Hats Dogs Horses

2.2. Phonology

2.2.1. Because it depends so much on phonology, is not really a morphological matter at all Examples Lie > Lies Knifes > Knives Life > Lives

3. Morphemes

3.1. The smallest unit of a words

3.1.1. Morphemes has the following function in every words Meaning What is meant by the word that being written Lexical Relates to the word or vocabulary Gramatical Well formed, in accordance of the rules of grammar

4. Affixes

4.1. 1. Prefixes

4.1.1. Examples 1. Pre- 2. Post- 3. Un-

4.2. 2. Infixes

4.3. 3. Suffixes

4.3.1. Examples 1. -ed 2. -ion 3. -sion