Bht technologies

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Bht technologies by Mind Map: Bht technologies

1. Projects

1.1. Glow air

1.1.1. Components procurement Vendor details BOM stocks for 1000

1.1.2. PCB and assembly

1.1.3. Testing and delivery

1.2. Untouch band

1.2.1. Hardware testing

1.2.2. Case design and printing

1.2.3. MVP ready

1.3. Craftech 360

1.3.1. Redesign website (keeping in mind pandamic)

1.3.2. New products

1.3.3. Reconnect clients

1.3.4. Email channel for clients

1.3.5. Active in social media Posting knowledge Sharing interesting marketing ideas

1.3.6. Business development and improving business possibilities Hiring a experienced business development Finding opportunities for new businesses

1.4. Revlense

1.4.1. Hardware Mobile version 3D design and printing Creating apps Stand-alone version Rpi hardware 3D casing Glass coating

1.5. Holoway

1.5.1. Hardware Rpi and 7inch screen Touch sensors Holo glass Casing design for holoway

1.5.2. Software Application for elevator Simple gui of interaction of the product A simple application for event industry

1.5.3. Marketing Potential clients Website update Demo for clients Sample fully functional applications

2. Revenues

2.1. Glow air

2.2. Freelance

2.3. Events

2.3.1. Physical events

2.3.2. Virtual events Plugins Live streams

3. Departments

3.1. Admin

3.2. Business

3.3. Development

3.4. Documentation

4. Team

4.1. Ravi

4.2. Pattar

4.3. Santosh

4.4. Pradeep

4.5. Kp

5. Branding

5.1. Website

5.1.1. Give proper and interesting way what we do and how we do

5.1.2. Hire a developer

5.2. Social media’s

6. New