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Fast Food by Mind Map: Fast Food

1. Service

1.1. This type of service is very quick: customers are served at a counter and once they have paid for and received their food, they can eat in or take it away.

2. Commercial emphasis

2.1. The key in fast food and commercial emphasis is on speed: the service is reduced to a minimum.

3. What is a "Fast Food"?

3.1. The Oxford Dictionary defines fast food as "the hot food that is served quickly in special reastaurants and often taken away to be eaten on the streets"

4. Commercial priority

4.1. The commercial priority is the uniformity of taste, regardless of the country they live in.

5. Type of contract

5.1. This type of restaurants offer a selection of foods at a moderate price.

6. Selection of typical food

6.1. The main foods served in fast foods are burgers, pizza, chicken or french fries, that are the same all over the world.

7. Target market

7.1. The main target market include all people that havn't much money or much time to consume a complete meal; also the families visits fast food because children love burger, pizza, etc...

8. Popular fast food reastaurants

8.1. Some famous fast food reastaurants are: Mc Donald's, Burger King or KFC.

9. Negative aspects of fast food

9.1. The negative aspects of fast food are for example: they can cause heart diseases, obesity, diabetes and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.