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PSAI Marketing by Mind Map: PSAI Marketing

1. Marketing Team TASKS

1.1. Social Media

1.1.1. Share content on Facebook Page

1.1.2. Share content on LinkedIn Page

1.2. Member Support

1.2.1. MEMBER SPOTLIGHT (Give members an opportunity to highlight their professional speaking profile through 1 minute videos)

1.2.2. Member Networking (Provide an ecosystem to encourage members to interact with each other 121 and explore professional speaking opportunities)

1.3. Operations Support

1.3.1. Weekly Meeting Information


1.4. Marketing Campaigns

1.4.1. Member Experience Highlight

1.4.2. Knowledge Sharing Blog Posts Knowledge Byte Creating Speaking opportunities for PSAIM Members within/outside PSAI

1.5. Miscellaneous

1.5.1. Co-ordination with PSAI

2. PSAIM Marketing Goals

2.1. Potential Members

2.1.1. Project Brand value to potential members and increase membership

2.2. Existing Members

2.2.1. Give the members ample opportunities to present their professional speaking profiles for potential clients out there

2.2.2. Create new professional speaking opportunities for the existing members