Three Reasons of Telling Lies

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Three Reasons of Telling Lies by Mind Map: Three Reasons of Telling Lies

1. Not wanting to hurt in social situations

1.1. Response to a gift

1.1.1. saying like but no like

1.1.2. displayingwhen coming

1.2. friends appearance

1.2.1. hair cut

1.2.2. clothes

1.3. Making promise

1.3.1. I'll call you

1.3.2. come to the party

2. Avoiding Responsibility

2.1. at school

2.1.1. not doing homework

2.1.2. internet problems

2.2. to the police

2.2.1. speeding

2.2.2. broke lights

3. cause negative result

3.1. to harm other people

3.1.1. other person reputation

3.1.2. to trouble other person

3.2. cheating

3.2.1. not follow rules when test

3.2.2. use other people writing/plagiarism