The General To Know How in Indexing and Abstracting.

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The General To Know How in Indexing and Abstracting. by Mind Map: The General To Know How in Indexing and Abstracting.

1. Index

1.1. Smartly compiled list of topics covered in the book or document provided by considering the needs of the reader.

1.2. A detailed list of topics based on the alphabet, the name of the person who indicates the exact position in the volume is usually according to the page number but usually according to the entry number.

1.3. Systematic presentation of important terms and concepts in the document in all formats arranged in order to provide access to those terms and concepts in the main document through accurate and direct reference to position and location

1.4. A systematically organized list provides enough information for each item to be tracked by way of page numbers or other symbols indicating their position in the sequence.

1.5. Open discovery guide for academic or disciplinary field literature, arrangement of specific literary forms or published in specific formats or content of serial publication analysis.

1.6. An index is an indicator or finder that helps a person find information.

2. Abstract

2.1. An abstract is a brief objective summary of the important contents of a book, article, speech, report, dissertation or other work that presents the main points in the same order as the theory but has no independent literary value.

2.2. Provision of concise and objective statements about the content of the document to enable the user to quickly determine whether to read the entire text or not to meet the information requirements.

2.3. Abstracts also provide access to information and documents such as indexes but beyond this, it provides a brief and accurate summary of document details. Abstracts are made to represent the original document by capturing important information so as to act as a substitute for the original document. Abstractly, users do not need to view or use the original as it may provide sufficient information to it or serve as a document replacement. Abstracts are recorded to save users the time they have to go through some documents.