My initial impression of the play

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My initial impression of the play by Mind Map: My initial impression of the play

1. It was a very heavy play.

1.1. The themes in the play are very mature and require the reader and actor to be mature as well.

1.1.1. The themes in the play includes: Manipulation, Adolescent Insecurities and Cyberbullying. The themes raised means that as actors, we need to make sure that we are safe when performing, so that we don't go too deeply into the themes and characters.

2. Characters are very manipulative.

2.1. I felt that the characters of William and Eva are both very manipulative, William more so, towards Jim.

2.1.1. William gets Eva and the other characters to gang up against Jim in order for William to get his own way. The manipulation is a way for the characters to feel in control of Jim's life and to make decisions for him.

3. Shows how one person can ruin someone's life.

3.1. William is causing Jim to make bad decisions in his life that will affect everyone around him.

3.1.1. The play shows that if you confide in people you don't know, it can become negative. I found that the other characters use Jim's suffering and emotional state, to easily control him. They take advantage very quickly and there is nothing that Jim can do other than listen to them.

4. Shows the dangers of talking to people you don't know on the internet.

4.1. Jim is talking to people he has never met and it is resulting in him nearly ending his life.

4.1.1. In the time period that the play is set, there weren't many safety precautions on the internet, especially on chatrooms, this means that Jim wouldn't have had much help with the cyberbullying going on. The internet was and still is, a very unsafe place for children and young people who are suffering with mental illness or other conditions.