My Life in 2021

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My Life in 2021 by Mind Map: My Life in 2021

1. Love Myself More

1.1. Sleep Earlier

1.1.1. Never sleep later than 12 AM and never deprive it.

1.2. Eat Healthier

1.2.1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

1.2.2. Avoid junk foods and fast foods

1.3. Establish a hobby

1.3.1. Biking

1.3.2. Gaming

1.4. Exercise!

1.4.1. Good and Fit body goals

1.4.2. Prevention of illnesses

1.5. Create a good skin care

1.5.1. To boost self confidence

1.5.2. lessen acne

1.6. Have a good mental health

1.6.1. Medical Help By praying

2. Education

2.1. Find my effective study habit

2.1.1. To lessen cramming and procastinating

2.2. Always do tasks with effort

2.2.1. Never do tasks half-heartedly and put 100% effort

2.3. Graduate with no regrets

2.3.1. With or with no honors but just to graduate is an accomplishment

2.4. Enter to the my dream University in College

2.4.1. Pass my applications in UP and UST

2.4.2. Enter to the dream course I applied to: Pharmacy Medical Technology

3. Friends & Family

3.1. Lessen my interaction to temporary people

3.1.1. Avoid heartbreaks

3.1.2. Remove toxicity

3.2. Bond more with my family

3.2.1. Follow their orders and commands properly

3.2.2. Talk and bond in free time

3.3. Treasure my bestfriends more

3.4. Create more memories!

3.4.1. Letran Friends Communicate more and talks

3.4.2. Acacia Friends Create Hang outs

3.4.3. Gaming Friends Play more games and improve

3.5. BE NICER and control my anger management

3.5.1. Be more Patient to everyone

4. God

4.1. Bring back my Faith in Him

4.1.1. Read the Bible again

4.1.2. Attend services

4.2. Attend mass regularly

4.3. Talk to Him everyday (Never Forget)

4.3.1. Forgive others

4.3.2. Love others