HANA Revenue

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HANA Revenue by Mind Map: HANA Revenue

1. # Clients

1.1. 1. New - have not heard of us

1.2. 2. Have heard of us - not considering us for HANA

1.3. 3. With competition

1.3.1. Firmly with competition

1.3.2. Lukewarm with competition - we may have opening

1.3.3. Dissatisfied with competition - ready for a switch

1.4. 4. Our former clients

1.4.1. Difficult client - we have decided not to work with them

1.4.2. Not considering us due to issues - we may be able to reopen the door

1.5. 5. Existing Clients - but not in HANA

1.5.1. Have no plan to implement HANA

1.5.2. Considering HANA, but not sure of our capabilities in HANA

1.5.3. Open to us bidding in their HANA implementation programs

2. $ Deal Size

2.1. 6. Existing client - we have negligible to large presence in HANA

2.1.1. Large Presence - Implement Customer Success Management process so we can grow the account more

2.1.2. Medium - Customer Success process plus up selling and cross selling

2.1.3. Small presence - Customer Success process plus mine the account plus jointly develop a strategy to deliver business value to the client with HANA offerings