What does "Healthy Living "mean?

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What does "Healthy Living "mean? by Mind Map: What does "Healthy Living "mean?

1. Exercise everyday at least 2 times 1 in the day and 1 in the evening

2. Healthy living is like you are the protected from germs to be a healthy living by eating healthy food

2.1. wash your hand 20

3. Eat your veggies. In fact, eat vegetables or fruit at each meal.SHU.

3.1. Mix it up. Never give up serving your children a variety of foods.SHU

4. Wash your hand 20 minute

4.1. Wash your face 20 Scs

5. Hygeine

5.1. Brush your teeth

5.1.1. Wash your hand

5.2. bath

5.3. Ware mask and face sheild

5.3.1. Stay away from people

5.4. Have enough sleep

6. don't eat too meats or fats like cheese

7. Eat healthy fruits

7.1. Diet

7.1.1. Eat vegetable

8. being strong and lively

9. Exercise

9.1. do exercise everyday