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Self by Mind Map: Self

1. Trust

1.1. Trust your instinct, at the same time, offering it to God.

1.2. Trust yourself in every decision you make.

2. Confidence

2.1. Be confident with yourself and your talent.

2.2. Be confident with your social status.

2.3. Never look down on your efforts just because other people say its effortless.

3. Mindset

3.1. Surround yourself with good influenced people.

3.2. Stop watching or supporting influencers that are obviously toxic and problematic to avoid having toxic mindset as well.

4. Forgiveness

4.1. In every mistake, forgive yourself, in order to move forward

4.2. Tolerating comes with formulating toxicity within you.

4.3. Stop tolerating bad behaviors. Instead, repent.

5. Insecurities

5.1. Start complimenting other people without saying "sana all" to practice contentment as well.

5.2. Refrain comparing yourself to others.

5.3. Practice self appreciation every time you face the mirror.