The future of new media in school

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The future of new media in school by Mind Map: The future of  new media in school

1. Impact on pupils

1.1. new media is a part of everyday life for young people

1.1.1. daily contact

1.1.2. new competences

1.1.3. a certain implicitness in the handling of new media tools

1.1.4. possibility to expand knowledge

1.1.5. but also possible contact with youth endangering content like pornography

1.2. many pupils know ho to use new media but are not aware of problems arising with the new technology

2. Teachers

2.1. a majority also has regular contact with new media

2.2. nevertheless there is a difference between young and old teachers

2.2.1. younger teachers are willing to integrate new media into their lessons and to do further training more than

2.2.2. older teachers who are not that convinced reject the new possibilities more often

2.2.3. however both sides are willing to use new media in school

2.3. teachers have to accept the reality and need to go new ways in teaching because of and with new media

3. The new role of school

3.1. the school as an institution with the aim to prepare young people for their future life will also have to change

4. Prerequisites for a change

4.1. Money

4.1.1. the equipment needed to teach adequately with new media will cost money

4.1.2. cities and communities will only be willing to pay if there is a well considered didactic concept for the use of new media

4.1.3. the creation of those concepts is also expensive

4.2. Didactics

4.2.1. it is proven that new media devices like a whiteboard or the Internet can have positive effects on pupils like

4.2.2. more motivation

4.2.3. the self-dependet extension of competences

4.2.4. or the boost of self-dependent learning

4.2.5. a wide range of didactic concepts already exists and still expands

5. The role of new media in society

5.1. already a high usage of new media

5.2. a part of everyday life for a majority, especially younger people

5.3. will even become more important in the future

6. Actual new media projects

6.1. there are already atempts to improve the use of new media in schools

6.2. different projects and concepts in different schools and federal states

6.3. a step by step policy to improve the school concerning the usage of new media

7. The role of new media in schools in 10 years

7.1. new media will become more important in the future

7.2. nearly every school will have a new media concept with different aims but a set of core aims that will be the same

7.2.1. namely the education in new media competence which is the correct control of the tools but also a responsible handling of them

7.2.2. an emphasis on self-dependet learning and competence extension

7.3. new media will be used more frequently in a motivating way in lessons

7.4. not all, but a major part of the teachers will use new media to improve their lessons

7.5. School and new media will influence each other a lot more than today