Brainstorming Id3as for IdentityNow

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IdentityNow by Mind Map: IdentityNow

1. Were there noticeable differences in the way the courses were presented that need to be addressed?

1.1. ILT can be tailored to needs of the learners

1.2. Content was consistent between courses

2. What did you perceive as benefits/deficits to the ILT/eLearning offerings?

2.1. It may be that the thoroughness of section coverage could differ from one ILT class to the next.

2.2. Basic skills assessments at the end of the IDNE eLearning and ILT are useful.

2.3. Try It exercises were especially helpful in the eLearning courses.

2.4. course selection is learner specific

3. What would you like to see in an eLearning course?

3.1. I would like to see more varied real world implementation scenarios in the Watch Its and Try Its (Salesforce or Workday integration).

4. Continuity Issues

4.1. Order in which the content is presented

4.2. Show all elements on one screen - diagrams

4.3. Visualize where you are in the overall scheme

5. ASK!

5.1. Is the student prepared to take on the content that follows?

6. Pause Spot

6.1. Places in the instruction that are good spots to pause and practice.