Age of Anxiety: Literary experience

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Age of Anxiety: Literary experience by Mind Map: Age of Anxiety: Literary experience

1. 1. The new approaches to understand mankind

1.1. Freud's psychoanalysis

1.2. Einstein's theory of relativity

2. 2. The implementation of the new theories

2.1. Modernism is born: multiple literary and artistic movements adopt this term (such as Futurism, Cubism and Surrealism) to unite themselves against the past and create new rules.

3. 3. The revolutionary techniques

3.1. All of the movements were common on a theorethical level: their aim was to show the complexity of human mind by opposing themselves to traditional styles and morals

3.1.1. They used a multi-layered narration

3.1.2. They redefined the concepts of time and space

3.1.3. They rejected traditional grammar

3.1.4. They used complex vocabulary

3.1.5. They gave birth to the "stream of consciousness"

4. 4. The literary protagonists of this period

4.1. Strong authors lived through this period producing masterpieces showing the working of the human mind

4.1.1. T. S. Eliot

4.1.2. Virginia Woolf

4.1.3. James Joyce

4.1.4. W. H. Auden

4.1.5. Dylan Thomas

4.1.6. William James