A new old life

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A new old life by Mind Map: A new old life

1. Characters

1.1. James Rooney, a member of the middle class, rejects his old story and wants to start another life

1.2. Sentinelese population, who did not participate in the industrial and scientific revolution and lives in backward conditions. They are not in contact with people outside the island and are wary of anyone approaching, due to the colonization that killed all the friendly tribes

2. Setting

2.1. Island of North Sentinel

2.1.1. On this island the inhabitants live in backward conditions and in a totally different way from the rest of the world. James wants to live here to get in touch with nature

3. Plot

3.1. James Rooney is a member of the middle class. At the age of 21, he wanted to leave the society in which he lives to get in touch with nature. After several searches, he decides to go and live in the island of North Sentinel in India, a territory inhabited by indigenous people who live in a society that has not lived the industrial revolution. He knows that Sentinelese population has never accepted outside people, but he feels part of them and decides to risk his life and start the journey. The inhabitants accept him because he does not have the characteristics of humans who want to hurt them and exploit their lands. James learned all their activities very quickly and played an important role in society. Once he learned their language, he began to tell how life outside their island works and why he decided to live with them: to discover the true meaning of life.

3.1.1. James thought he had found the true meaning of life: living in direct contact with God’s creations, and not creating artificial objects. One day, however, an epidemic broke out on the island. The tribe did not have the resources to fight it: in that island people died even for a simple cold. James was a more developed organism because of his society’s medication and was immune to that disease. Many people began to die, and James convinced the tribal chief to call on the terrible humans: the pandemic was stopped and the Sentinelese population decided to enter the scientific revolution. Even James understood that the evolution of human society was indispensable for our species

4. Writer's aim

4.1. The author’s aim is to make readers understand how important the evolution of humanity is, without this the population would be extinct like many other species of our planet. In addition, the importance of research to prevent any problem and improve living conditions is stressed

5. Realistic novel

6. Themes

6.1. The importance of the scientific and industrial revolution.

7. Conflicts

7.1. In the novel we cand find three conflicts: 1) The first contact of James with the tribe: he must make understand his peaceful intentions, otherwise he will be killed 2) An epidemic broke out on the island, the tribe cannot control that and, without the help of humans overseas, they would not have been able to survive 3) Conflict between rural life, return to nature and new civilization, that welcomes industrial and scientific revolutions

8. Chapters

8.1. Ten chapters which are divided in 3 parts: 1 (From 1 to 3) James' thoughts about modern life and his desire to return to the past. 2 (From 4 to 7) James' entry into the island, his integration into the tribe and the epidemic saved by humans overseas. 3 (From 8 to 10) James takes up his reasoning from the first chapters and understands what was wrong with his thinking.