Covalent Compounds

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Covalent Compounds by Mind Map: Covalent Compounds

1. network covalent.

1.1. for a network covalent to be created atoms are covalently bonded. This creates several 2 dimensional layers.

1.2. the network covalent also has a high melting point because of the covalent bonds

2. lewis dot structure

2.1. to form a lewis dot structure you represent an atom by its chemical symbol and then represent said atoms valence electrons but as dots around the chemical symbol.

2.2. to create a covalent bond you represent to separate atoms then you find where the atoms each have 1 valence electron in there coordination sight. then you draw a line, this is because a covalent bond can only consist of 2 electrons.

3. polar covalent bond/non-polar covalent bond

3.1. polar covalent bonding is when there is an imbalance in the bond between an atom and a pair of electrons. when one electron is attached to an atom longer then its other pair.

3.2. non-polar bonds are basically the opposite, both electron spend relatively identical times with the atom and therefore have similar charge.

4. molecular covalent

4.1. or covelent compounds are the finished molecule of a covalent bond,