Nutrients: found in food and essential for life and growth

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Nutrients: found in food and essential for life and growth by Mind Map: Nutrients:                      found in food and essential for life and growth

1. Carbohydrates

1.1. Body's main source of energy

1.2. Carbs should be eaten daily with a 55-65% intake

1.3. Heart disease can be prevented

1.4. Simple carbs break down faster and are used as energy

1.5. Complex carbs take longer to break down due to longer chain of molecules

1.6. Simple carbs include honey, soda, fruit and more

1.7. Complex carbs include

2. Proteins

2.1. Made up of amino acids

2.2. Builds and repair muscles and bones

2.3. Energy source

2.4. Helps with fighting diseases and strengthening immune system

2.5. Complete protein has all 9 amino acids. Animal food source

2.6. Incomplete protein doesn't have them all. Plant food source

2.7. d.

3. Water

3.1. 2 litres of water daily (8 cups)

3.2. Toxins and waste is flushed out

3.3. Body temperature get regulated

3.4. Hydrates body

3.5. Allows body to absorb nutrients

4. Vitamins

4.1. Essential nutrients

4.2. Help with bodily functions

4.3. Helps with preventing diseases

4.4. Strengthens immune system

4.5. Vitamin A, D, E, K, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 are essential

5. Minerals

5.1. Important for health

5.2. Body uses minerals to keep your brain, muscles, bones and heart working

5.3. Macro minerals:phospurs, sodium, potassium, calcium, and magneisum

5.4. Trace minerals: iron, zinc, selenium, and copper

6. Fat

6.1. Provides energy

6.2. Vital organs are protected and body is key warm

6.3. 30% of fat should come from calories daily

6.4. Helps body with absorption of nutrients

6.5. 3 fats, unsaturated, saturated, and trans fat. Each has own source, plant, animal, and hydrogenation