“Areas of knowledge are most useful in combination with each other.”

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“Areas of knowledge are most useful in combination with each other.” by Mind Map: “Areas of knowledge are most useful in combination with each other.”

1. Keywords

1.1. Useful

1.1.1. Able to be used in a practical way and applies to real life

1.2. Combination

1.2.1. The use of various knowledge produced in different AOKs in order to create new knowledge

1.2.2. In theory to make things more efficient/effective

1.3. Knowledge

1.3.1. Look at the different dictionary definitions and unpack in your own words

2. Key Phrases

2.1. Areas of Knowledge

2.1.1. Different branches of knowledge, each AOK has its own way of producing knowledge

2.2. Most useful

2.2.1. What constitutes "most useful?"

2.2.2. Does the knowledge need to be useful?

2.3. In combination

3. Rewrite

3.1. The information produced from the use of multiple branches of knowledge is more useful than the information from each of the individual AOKs.

3.2. Don't use words inside of the essay title. Refine it

4. Rewrite

4.1. Mathematics

4.1.1. Complex mathematics is only useful when it is applied to create knowledge in natural sciences.

4.2. Physics

4.2.1. Without the use of mathematics physics would not be able to produce knowledge that can help develop things in the real world

4.3. Subject 3 Lens? [Optional]

5. Connections to Classes

5.1. Maths (Mathematics)

5.1.1. Claim: Without the use of Natural Sciences, the real world application for maths would be very limited Scope and Application The application of complex numbers Language and Concepts The discovery of Euler's number - discovered by Leonhard Euler in 1731

5.1.2. Counterclaim: Mathematical knowledge does not require the influence of other areas of knowledge to increase its usefulness as it can help to further create new knowledge Important to note that the knowledge produced does not alway need to have a real world application in order for it to be useful Language and Concepts Historical Development

5.2. Physics (Other areas of NS are also covered)

5.2.1. Claim: Areas of knowledge are useful on their own, and combining them is not necessary for the production of useful knowledge Language and Concepts Newton's 3 laws of motion Possible Example: Neutrinos Lead to Unexpected Discovery in Basic Math | Quanta Magazine Scope and Application Turing structures (Not Physics but still is related to NS)

5.2.2. Counterclaim: It is not necessary to consider the usefulness of knowledge in a real life context, it is more important to acknowledge the existence of the knowledge. Scope and Application The concept of falling in love Scope and Application with Personal Knowledge Understanding the solar system