The mind of a serial killer

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The mind of a serial killer by Mind Map: The mind of a serial killer

1. Family realtions/Childhood: Family can typically be a big reason to serial killer. It may be because it's been a tough childhood where it could be, Dad who has committed family violence or abuse. There are many reasons why family can be a factor in becoming a serial killer.

2. Reasons for the killings There may be several reasons to kill people as a serial killer. One is childhood and family. However, there may also be other reasons such as hatred of oneself or of other people. It may also be that one has been bullied in some way and therefore has not been able to keep a type of person out.

3. Problems: Mental illness

4. Things in the past: Some people may be abuse in a young age, where you take some terrible memories with you the rest of your life. It can make you do the same things to other people, because of your past.

5. Psychologi: Potential murderers often feel the crime will benefit them psychologically, perhaps fullfilling them internally