Capitol Hill Mob

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Capitol Hill Mob by Mind Map: Capitol Hill Mob

1. Can’t protest in Singapore

1.1. Smiley face sign

1.2. Designated area to protest (Hong Lim Park)

2. What connections can you make?

2.1. Black Lives Matter

2.1.1. Different treatment of white protestors in riot to black protestors in BLM protests Tear gas Rubber bullets

2.2. Hong Kong pro-democracy protests

3. Why did it happen?

3.1. Certification of President elect

3.2. Election fraud unhappiness

3.3. Encouragement from trump himself

4. SG Connections

4.1. Unhappiness expressed through calmer means

4.1.1. For trace together controversy, people react by hiring lawyers to represent them

4.2. Illegal assembly

4.3. Climate rallies

5. Reactions

5.1. Twitter and Facebook locking trump’s account

5.1.1. Twitter and Facebook Lock Trump’s Accounts After Violence on Capitol Hill

5.2. Democrat leaders

5.2.1. Disgust

5.2.2. Called on trump to tell his supporters to stop protesting

5.3. Some GOP members