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Chapter 2 by Mind Map: Chapter 2

1. 2) WHY was SG was chosen as a British trading post?

1.1. Suitability of SG

1.1.1. Natural sheltered harbour

1.1.2. Good supply of drinking water

1.1.3. Convenient location as centre for trade

1.2. 1) Problems faced by British EIC in SEA (TB Pg 48)

1.2.1. Dutch control of the spice trade

1.2.2. Unsuitability of existing British ports Bencoolen Melaka

2. 1) WHY was British more involved in SEA in 19th century?

2.1. Importance of India-China Trade

2.2. Lucrative spice trade

3. 3) HOW the British establish a trading post in SG?

3.1. Raffles recognised Tengku Hussein as the rightful Sultan

3.2. 1819 Treaty

3.2.1. British allowed to build a trading post in SG, Farguhar as first Resident

3.2.2. Temenggong & Sultan Hussein would receive annual payment

4. 4) HOW British resolve dispute over SG?

4.1. 1824 Anglo-Dutch Treaty

4.1.1. Dutch dropped legal claims over SG

4.1.2. Spheres of influence

4.2. 1824 Treaty of Friendship & Alliance

4.2.1. British given control over whole of Singapore

5. 5) Roles played by different individuals in SG’s initial development

5.1. Major William Farquhar

5.2. Sir Stamford Raffles

5.3. Dr John Crawfurd