A Time of Rebirth

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A Time of Rebirth by Mind Map: A Time of Rebirth

1. The spread of the Renaissance

1.1. Spread northward to other countries in Europe by the 1400s

1.2. People (merchants, artists) returning from Italy spread ideas to their homes

1.3. The invention of the printing press was useful in spreading ideas and books on the idea of humanism, and Greek and Roman teachings

1.3.1. Other inventions: Advances in warfare, including cannons and muskets which fired metal balls using gunpowder. Alchemy Advances in astronomy Advances in math and science Telescope/Microscope/ Eyeglasses Development of the Scientific Method Anatomy, architecture, etc. wrench screwdriver Wallpaper Submarine The flushing toilet Clock Printing press

2. The Beginning of The Renaissance


2.1.1. The way people thought about their lives majorly changed during the Renaissance. In the Middle Ages, people thought that life was supposed to be hard - nothing but hardwork and war. Now, they believed that life could enjoyable with comforts, that people should be educated and they could have a higher standard of living - this idea was called humanism.

2.2. Lasted from around 1300 to 1600

2.3. Influenced by teachings of the ancient Greek and Romans in terms of the humanities:

2.3.1. Art

2.3.2. Philosophy

2.3.3. Literature

2.3.4. Architecture

2.3.5. Law

2.3.6. Government

2.4. Began around 1300 in Florence, Italy