Endangered Species-Kashmiri Red Stag(Hangul)

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Endangered Species-Kashmiri Red Stag(Hangul) by Mind Map: Endangered Species-Kashmiri Red Stag(Hangul)

1. The causes of decline of its population are both physical and biological factors. The physical factors include grazing by domestic livestock, fuel-wood and timber extraction, charcoal making and grass cutting. The biological factors include poaching by man and predation by leopard and black bear which are the main predators.

2. More than the environment the decline is due to humans.

3. The consequences of the extinction of the Kashmiri Red Stag will be: 1.People won't be able to see the animal any more. 2.When the animal is extinct, there will be no bringing back of the Kashmiri Red Stag.

4. Yes, I think that I can make a difference in the current situation of this animal by the following way: 1.Tell the people not to shoot, hunt or poach the animal and not to cut down forests.

5. Habitat: It is found in dense riverine forests in the high valleys and mountains of the Kashmir Valley and northern Chamba district in Himachal Pradesh. In Kashmir, it is found in the Dachigam National Park where it receives protection

6. Population as of 2019 was a total of 237 stags.