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2021 by Mind Map: 2021

1. Real Estae

1.1. Wholesaling

1.1.1. I know I want to get my first deal... making more calls and Practice Scripts Band it signs on hot zips social media ads social media interaction with community GET KNOWN as a company.

1.2. Flipping

1.2.1. 1 of 8 homes that i wholesale have to be flipped by me & hire team

1.2.2. Start Renting Properties Get in contact with Private Lenders Bring My FISCO score up lol... Pay OFF unwanted debt

1.2.3. Renting Single Family Avoid these as much as possible, Just flip If Potential is there then Rent It

1.2.4. Renting Multi Family 2-4 Units Build Portfolio and 1031 to 16+ Properties 16+ Units Hire Management Teams

2. Social Media Vlogger

2.1. Real Estate

2.1.1. How to wholesale RE

2.1.2. GC ish

2.2. Finance & Motivation

2.2.1. There is hope

2.2.2. The Sky Is Not Falling

2.2.3. You can do anything if you put in the work and effort

2.2.4. Here are some of the stuff I do

2.3. Marketing

2.3.1. Teach steps how to do this this will draw ppl to buy a course

2.3.2. FREE examples

2.4. ALL THIS INCLUDES @TheWealthBull & @RodrigoLabra_

3. Marketing & Ad

3.1. Ecomerce

3.1.1. I want to know that I can sell anything online. This is like my hobby just make money and have fun

3.2. Real Estate Course

3.2.1. This is what I specialize at, This is more serious but at the same time its fun and its a passion that i beleive i got...

4. ("" Club) Gross 1M

4.1. OMG this is my goal for 2021

4.1.1. Focus on Real Estate and Marketing and you will be succesful bro.

4.2. Model others who have made it

4.2.1. Mode what others are doing in the Real Estate and Marketing Industry

4.3. Revenue from infuelcer

4.3.1. This year the goal it sto get to atlease 10K Followers(Disclamer: in social media followers/fans are the currency!! Not really for the fame and admiration (part of it lol) But they will be my currency)

5. Move Out

5.1. I want my own privacy

5.1.1. Apartment worst case scenario

5.1.2. My own rentals Idealy

5.2. Support Parents as Wll

5.2.1. With all the hard work that I WIll be putting in, part of revenue will go to parents

6. Stock Market

6.1. Trading

6.1.1. Trade Options

6.1.2. Day Trade

6.2. Buy Stocks

6.2.1. Invest in long term Index Funds, Long Term View