Sustainability Risk Identification and Analysis

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Sustainability Risk Identification and Analysis by Mind Map: Sustainability Risk Identification and Analysis

1. Environment Risk

1.1. Chemical hazards due to exposure of high lithium ion electric supply

1.2. Overheating of power supply can fry and burn the engine

1.3. Lightning strike on the aircraft

1.4. Bird strike onto the engine

2. Economy

2.1. Cost of Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) significantly increase with new hybrid technology

2.2. New machinery to produce electric powered turbofan engine increases with competitive costing

2.3. High lobbying rate to get Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to approve latest legislation

3. Social

3.1. Physical distress of employee and air crew to perform task

3.2. Failure to communicate with one and another

3.3. Large reduction in separation or total loss of air traffic control (ATC) for a significant time

3.4. Business threat related to reputation, legislative change, changing customer requirements

4. Technology

4.1. High cybersecurity risk can expose to regulatory airline liability

4.2. Rapid advancing technology struggle for certification authority to fully assess the side-effects

4.3. On-board software malfunction

4.4. Radio frequency interference with ATC lead to aviation incident