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Blackbuck by Mind Map: Blackbuck

1. Do you think that the environment is responsible for the decrease in population?

1.1. Like all living beings are dependent on the physical environment, so is the Blackbuck. They are very territorial and sensitive to environmental pressures.

2. What are the possible causes for the decline of the population of this animal?

2.1. Destruction of habitat, human intervention, illegal mining, cutting of grass in islands, hunting, etc., are the main reasons for the decline of population of the black buck.

3. Do you think you can make a difference in improving the current situation of this animal?

3.1. Yes, there needs to be vast open grasslands for blackbuck to survive. The grasslands give them a scope to sprint and escape predators or hunters. If we try to maintain their habitat area as open grasslands and avoid planting more trees in the area. Trees will not allow grass and herbs to grow, on which the blackbucks survive.

4. What will be the consequences if this animal becomes extinct?

4.1. A section of farmers in Odisha value the blackbuck for enhancing the agriculture productivity. The blackbuck has a unique function in its ecosystem it's loss can form cascading effects through the food chain and impacting other species and the food chain itself.