Unit 2- Becoming a Lifelong Learner

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Unit 2- Becoming a Lifelong Learner by Mind Map: Unit 2- Becoming a Lifelong Learner

1. Unlearning unhelpful habits is imperative. An example would be procrastination. If you have a habit that you know is hindering you you should try and improve on it to overall help you within your practice. A way that can help problems like procrastination or poor time management is to make a time plan. Structuring your day will help your focus.

2. Bouncing Forward

2.1. Within the Illustration industry it is important to be resilient. You are essentially trying to sell your art style and artistic personality to clients so it can be easy to take rejection to heart. Resilience will make it easier to not take constructive criticism and rejection to heart. It is vital to be able to still put your work out there and try again.

3. Learning to Learn

4. Healthy mind, Healthy Body

4.1. Illustrators spend hours at a desk working on projects. This can be bad for both mental and physical health. Staring at a screen if they are working digitally can be damaging to the eyes. It is good to get some air throughout the day. Going on a walk will give you a break from being hunched over. Some exercise can also be a good stress reliever.

5. Unpacking Experiences

5.1. Reflection is so important when you are a creative. It is easy to get in a rut with a certain style or medium, you need to vary it sometimes. Trying something new can be intimidating and not always go to plan. If a piece of work doesn't turn out as intended you may just move on from it and go back to what is comfortable, however reflection can help you realise what went wrong. Reflection can also be used when a piece is successful, essentially it is just a way to think on why the things you did had a certain outcome.