Topic 1: Managing Human Resources

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Topic 1: Managing Human Resources by Mind Map: Topic 1: Managing Human Resources

1. Definition

1.1. Process of acquiring, training, appraising and compensating employees

2. What is Human Resources Management and why is it important?

2.1. Concepts, Techniques and Responsibilites

2.1.1. Work 's Analysis and Design Work analysis, design and description

2.1.2. Recruitment and Selection Recruiting, job posting, interviewing, testing,

2.1.3. Training and Development Orientation programs, skills training, career development

2.1.4. Performance Measures of performance, preparation and management performance evaluation, discipline

2.1.5. Compensation Wage and Salary Administration, incentive pay, insurance, etc.

2.1.6. Employees Relation Attitude surveys, industrial relations, employee handbooks, company publications, etc.

2.1.7. Organization Stratergy HR planning, talent management, etc.

2.2. Importance

2.2.1. Avoiding personal mistakes

2.2.2. Improve Profits and Performance

2.2.3. Everyone can be a HR Manager

2.2.4. Being your own HR Manager

2.3. Role of supervisors

2.3.1. Helping define jobs clearly

2.3.2. Forecasting needs

2.3.3. Provide training after Interviewing and Selecting Candidates

2.3.4. Appraising

2.3.5. Giving recommendation

2.3.6. Supporting

2.3.7. Communicating policies

2.4. Ethnical Issues Standard

2.4.1. Greatest good for greatest number

2.4.2. Basic human rights

2.4.3. Fair and equitable

2.5. Typical Careers

2.5.1. Human resource assistance, campus recruiter, etc.

3. Trends Shaping HRM

3.1. Globalization and Competition

3.2. Indebtedness ( Leverage ) and Deregulation

3.3. Technological

3.3.1. High tech jobs

3.3.2. Service job

3.3.3. Knowledge work and human capital

3.4. In the Nature of Work

3.5. Workforce and Demographic

3.5.1. Demondgraphic trends

3.5.2. Generation " Y "

3.5.3. Retirees

3.5.4. Nontraditional workers

3.5.5. Abroad workers

4. Economic Challenges