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Big Mav by Mind Map: Big Mav

1. Family/Role Model

1.1. “‘Ay,’ Daddy says. ‘That’s your momma, boy. Don’t be calling her by her name like you grown’” (Thomas 32).

1.1.1. Big Mav holds more traditional beliefs about family.

1.1.2. He is going to want to keep his family together

1.2. “‘He respected you, Maverick. A lot. You were the father he never had’” (Thomas 65).

1.2.1. Maverick is really respected by almost everyone that he meets.

1.2.2. A lot of people rely on Big Mav to be a role model, which influences his decisions

1.3. “Those [cigarettes] are Nana’s favorites too. They used to be Daddy’s favorites before I begged him to quit” (Thomas 40).

1.3.1. Maverick respects his family's opinions

1.3.2. Big Mav is willing to hear out other people, and act on what they say

1.4. “What the hell y’all thinking, leaving the house without telling nobody?” (Thomas 148).

1.4.1. Maverick is really protective of his family.

1.4.2. Maverick is going to try his best to save his family

1.5. “There are several agonizing seconds of Daddy and King staring each other down. Daddy’s hand is at his waist like it’s glued there” (Thomas 274).

1.5.1. Maverick is willing to put his life on the line to protect his family

1.5.2. Big Mav literally stares down an armed drug lord to protect his daughter

2. Caring/Funny

2.1. “Daddy stays with Ms. Rosalie for the rest of the service and later helps her when the family follows the casket out” (Thomas 132).

2.1.1. Maverick is willing to lend a hand to those who need one

2.1.2. Maverick knows the pain that others feel when someone they love died, and is trying to lessen that pain.

2.2. “I’ve never seen Daddy cry when Dr. Davis handed Seven that Diploma” (Thomas 353).

2.2.1. Maverick really cares about his family.

2.2.2. Big Mav thinks that his family's success is really important.

2.3. “‘Because I knew you’d act crazy. Put a hit on them or something.’ ‘You know, that ain’t a bad idea’ ‘Daddy!’ I smack his arm as he cracks up” (Thomas 270).

2.3.1. Maverick, even when he's angry, still cracks jokes.

2.3.2. Maverick's good-natured jokes will help him get along with people

2.4. “He cradles me and switches between kissing my cheek and pinching it, going over and over in a real deep voice, ‘What’s wrong with you? Huh? What’s wrong with you?’ And I’m giggling before I can stop myself” (Thomas 348).

2.4.1. Maverick knows how to make people laugh

2.4.2. Knowing how to cool down a situation with a laugh will help Mav have safe conversations.

2.5. “No. You’re grounded, probably for the rest of your life, but that’s only because we love you” (Thomas 429)

2.5.1. Maverick really cares about his family

2.5.2. However, he does know that he needs to make sure that they don't do bad things

3. Imperfect

3.1. “‘The hell, Starr?’ Daddy says. ‘You dating a white boy?’” (Thomas 229).

3.1.1. Maverick is really quick to anger

3.1.2. Maverick cares about races

3.2. “However, all of his good and the love we share outweighs that one mistake” (Thomas 264).

3.2.1. Even though Mav makes mistakes, his good actions outweigh them

3.2.2. Whenever Maverick makes mistakes, he makes sure that he covers them up with good deeds

3.3. “Daddy pours water on a skillet at the sink, and the skillet responds with a loud sizzle and a white cloud. Whatever he burned, he burned it bad” (Thomas 266).

3.3.1. Maverick is a really bad cook

3.3.2. Him trying to cook shows that he is putting effort in to be a nice person

3.4. “‘This won’t get better. It’ll get worse.’ … ‘We’ll be a’ight’” (Thomas 141)

3.4.1. Maverick is really stubborn

3.4.2. Being stubborn causes Maverick's family to almost split

3.5. “Daddy’s jaw tightens. ‘Starr, turn the coffeepot on for Mr. Lewis.’ So he can get the hell outta here, I say to myself, finishing Daddy’s sentence for him” (Thomas 39).

3.5.1. Maverick can get really annoyed pretty quickly

3.5.2. Maverick also knows how to politely manipulate people into doing what he wants

4. Responsible

4.1. "‘You awnna talk ‘bout last night some more?’ he asks. ‘Nah.’ ‘A’ight. Whenever you wanna’” (Thomas 37).

4.1.1. The way Maverick is discussing this makes it seem like a similar experience has happened to him as well

4.1.2. Maverick knows that it's his responsibility to talk to his daughter about Khalil's death.

4.2. “‘I bet y’all do,’ Daddy mumbles. Another reason we left Christ Temple: Daddy doesn’t like that they take up so many offerings” (Thomas 124).

4.2.1. Maverick might not have that much money to give

4.2.2. Maverick needed to be responsible with his money, so he went to a church that took less offerings

4.3. “I freaked out. Your daddy couldn’t calm me down. He was barely calm himself” (Thomas 154).

4.3.1. Maverick, even when he isn't calm, knows how to calm people down

4.3.2. Big Mav knew that it was his responsibility to calm down his wife enough to think of a solution

4.4. “He turns around to the cop who’s holding Mr. Lewis and says, ‘He ain’t lying. King did start it, Officer’” (Thomas 424).

4.4.1. Maverick knows that sometimes, you have to break the rules

4.4.2. Big Mav knew that if he didn't tell, nobody would

4.5. “‘Whaaat?’ Daddy says, but in that impressed way. Momma cuts him a side-eye, and he says in a more stern tone, ‘I mean, what? What you do that for?’” (Thomas 427).

4.5.1. Big Mav wants to show support, but knows that it would be counterproductive

4.5.2. Maverick knew that it was his responsibility to make sure that his daughter doesn't do that again