Intellegence: The ability to aquire and apply knowledge available from all aspects of life.

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Intellegence: The ability to aquire and apply knowledge available from all aspects of life. by Mind Map: Intellegence:  The ability to aquire and apply knowledge available from all aspects of life.

1. Planning: psychological process of thinking about the activities required to create a desired goal.

1.1. Planning is aquired by watching and experiencing others, by trial and error and by experiencing life.

2. Abstract thinking: characterized by the ability to use concepts and to make and understand generalizations.

2.1. Abstract thinking can be aquired by working with patterns, numbers and logic. Conversations about the "big picture" aid in developing abstract thinking.

3. Spatial: ability to represent the spatial world in one's mind.

3.1. Spatial intellegence can be aquired by drawing and writing. Exploring with art, visual aids, writing, mind maps and construction will all add enhancement.

4. Musical: ability to hear and play notes, follow beats and read music in various ways. Ability to hear patterns, manipulate and recreate them.

4.1. Aquired by exposure and practice with vaious musical instraments and dance.

5. Bodily-Kinesthetic: Ability to manipulate body in various forms and speed to accomplish goals. Having awareness of one's body.

5.1. Aquired by pracitcing useage of bodily movements. Participating in dance and various sports and learning about the human body. Being able to use body.

6. Social: Abiltiy to empashize with others and read between the lines of communication. Ability to connect with others.

6.1. Aquired by exposure to people and practicing empathy.

7. Reasoning: Process of looking for reasons for beliefs, conclusions, actions or feelings

7.1. Reasoning is aquired by forming conclusions, judgments, or inferences from facts or premises.

8. Problem Solving: The proces of reviewing and evaluating a problem, evaluating and considering possible solutions by brainstorming and implementing a solution.

8.1. Problem solving is aquired by experiences gained from listening, reading, watching and first hand knowledge. It is also aquired by participating in the steps of completion and trial and error.

9. Language: Ability to use words, sounds, hands, symbols and or movements to communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings.

9.1. Langauge is aquired by listening, watching. feeling, reading, and practice.

10. Intrapersonal: ability to recognize one's own feelings, actions and consequences.

10.1. Aquired by communication and self disclosure. Learning about feeling from others communicating.

11. Nature: ability to connect patterns in nature, realize one's place in nature and the effect everything has on each other. Idenifying differences in nature. Ability to connect with nature and animals.

11.1. Aquired through exposure to nature and various elements, reading and communication.