Here We Go Home Screen

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Here We Go Home Screen by Mind Map: Here We Go Home Screen

1. Where To Go (type Location)

1.1. Get Direction

1.1.1. Your Current Location Select How To Travel Public Transport Car Walking

1.2. Save in a collections

1.2.1. Create New Collection Add places Rename Add to shortcuts Delete cancel

1.3. Car location

1.3.1. Remove map marker

2. New Collection

2.1. Collection name

2.1.1. Add a place Add location

3. Add places

3.1. Edit shortcut

3.1.1. Chage address

3.1.2. Rename

3.1.3. Rearrange

3.1.4. Delete shortcut

4. Setting

4.1. Unit

4.1.1. Change Distance Limit

4.1.2. Change Temperature Limit

4.2. Fule type

4.3. Speed limit Alert

4.3.1. show speed limit

4.3.2. Alert when over limit

4.3.3. play alert sound

4.4. voice option

4.4.1. Change language