Synchronicity Map

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1. Numerology

1.1. 444

1.1.1. I have a friend that was born at 4:44am. This friend had a dream about a lamb and I posted a random photo of a lamb in The Dream Catchers blog and later when I went to look up the meaning the dream site used the EXACT same photo, although altered, of the lamb. My birth name means 'Lamb of God'.

1.1.2. As soon as Never Tame contacted me about this community 444 appeared on my phone.

1.1.3. 444 [license plate] parked on my block for the past few days.

2. Dreams

2.1. Elon Musk

2.1.1. Dreamt I had an Elon robot.

2.1.2. Dreamt Elon brought me white flowers, and the petals were video recorders which also picked up energy signatures in the room, including past energies.

2.2. Donald Trump

2.2.1. Multiple dreamers saw him winning the election, huge crowds cheering.

3. Fire Truck

3.1. Fire trucks keep turning around directly in front of my car, or blocking the path in front of me.

4. Christmas & Christmas Lights

4.1. Dreaming once/week about Christmas.

4.2. Saw a paper on the ground: Zoom w. Santa Clause in February?!

5. Tea Mishaps

5.1. Every time I order tea in the past few months, they mess up the order either giving me the wrong tea or they are out of tea so they substitute it. This happens in multiple tea places, not just one. It happens no matter where I go.