Project integrated Society

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Project integrated Society by Mind Map: Project integrated Society

1. Awareness

1.1. PM aware of Business Process

1.2. BSA Certification

1.3. CISA certification

2. Software and Hardware

2.1. Purchasing and Project

2.1.1. Understand annual piurchases

2.1.2. Workflow into projects

2.2. SDE and PWA integration

2.2.1. Views combining SDE and PWA

2.2.2. Customized Reports for Managers, RM, PM and Team Member

2.3. Project and Outlook

2.3.1. Tasks in MS Outlook

3. Application to STRS

3.1. PWA

3.1.1. Portfolio Weekly Milestone Tracking Weekly Project Updates (similar to Keeping you Informed) Agile Meetings (Combining similar meetings) Stakeholder Analysis Roles and Responsibility Matrix Communication Established

3.1.2. Project PM Styles conformed to standards PM reporting conformed to standards Weekly scope, schedule, budget, risks tracking system

3.2. Resource Management

3.2.1. Within Project, scheduling based on resource workload project, absence and production support

3.2.2. Provide RMs with workload info for better plans and schedules

3.3. Purchasing

3.3.1. Workflow established on yearly purchases

3.3.2. Yearly Projects for purchases

3.4. Requirement Gathering

3.4.1. Assisting project Team Members in requirement gathering

3.5. Risk Management

3.5.1. Assisting IT with risk management system