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Reading strategies by Mind Map: Reading strategies


2. Al-Iraqia University / College of Education for Women Department Of English Language / Second Stage

3. Think aloud

3.1. To think aloud is to talk about your thinking as you are reading

4. Picture walk

4.1. A picture walk is to preview the text before reading by looking at the pictures and images to see what the text will be about

5. Synthetic information

5.1. To synthesize information is to keep track of your thinking while reading in order to put the thoughts together for an overall meaning.

6. Ask questions

6.1. Good readers ask questions to themselves before, during, and of ter reading in order to make sense of what they are reading.

7. Self - monitor

7.1. To self monitor is to know, or be aware of, when you do or do not understand what you are reading.

8. Reading strategy

8.1. Reading strategies are steps that good readers take to comprehend and actively make sense of what they are reading

9. Use schema

9.1. To use schema is to use experiences and what you already know to make sense of the text .

10. Use context clues

10.1. To use context clues is to use the words and phrases around an unknown word to help you to figure out the word's meaning.

11. Active reading

11.1. Active reading is interacting and engaging with the text in order to really try to understand it, Orather than just simply reading the words.

12. Text to text connection

12.1. A text to text connection connects what you are reading in a text to another text you have read

13. By :- Suroor Samer Hasoon Intisar Amer saud Amina Ali Hassan Rusul Ahmed abood Farah Fadel Khayoun Supervised : Assistant instructor . Mohammed Qasim