PLE (Thinking Processes)

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PLE (Thinking Processes) by Mind Map: PLE (Thinking Processes)

1. Writing - Reflecting

1.1. On the Web

1.1.1. Hoppala I thought about some relevant information about each POI for the Treasure Hunt

1.1.2. Web pages I always visited some pages to increase my area of knowledge of every activity After that, I decided what information was useful and those that was useless

1.1.3. Posterous I published every activity I have made on this term in my personal posterous I made some reflections about the activities, new tools we have used, theoretical information...

1.1.4. Word Reference - Google Translator I used this tool in order to understand some concepts in English I also used that to translate some words from Spanish into English

1.1.5. Meindmeister I organized my ideas and put them in order to create the schemes

1.1.6. Google Docs I used that for made a group work I had to make a text document explainning the "Group Learning Environment" I had to reflect about what tools did we use (as a group) and its purpose. I also used that tool to create other documents related to other activities, such as "Treasure Hunt"

1.1.7. Classmates' Blogs I visited them to read some information to understand the task or get some ideas

1.2. Physically

1.2.1. Professor explanation I had to decided what information I had to record I used my class notes to complement some activities during this term

1.2.2. Internal thinking processes I had to think about what things could represent well my life to do the task "10 things about my life" I had to reflect about my own and group learning environment I had to decided how to divided the information in order to make the schemes for some activities I had to reflect about the use of Twitter (and new technologies in general) in the educational area I had to decided what kind of license should I use to my photos I had to think on the clues for the Treasure Hunt, what tool will my group and I use for that and how we were going to make it.

1.2.3. Appointments at the university My group and I met at the university to discuss about the activities and make them

2. Sharing

2.1. On the Web

2.1.1. Tuenti I used this tool to contact with my group mates and ask them for some doubts or help

2.1.2. Youtube We have creeated an account to published our videos, for example, videos for the Treasure Hunt

2.1.3. Twitter Using this tool I have had the possibility of shared information with my classmates and with the rest of the worls

2.1.4. Gmail I shared documents with my groupmates

2.1.5. I shared information, ideas even jokes with my group/classmates

2.1.6. Flickr I shared my personal photos with this tool

2.1.7. Blog: "Treasure Hunt about Alfonso X" Mu group and I used this blog to publish our information and clues about the POIs of our gymkana

2.1.8. Posterous I used that to share my thinkings and reflections about the activities

2.1.9. Google Docs I used that to share documents and thinkings with my groupmates

2.1.10. Meindmeister I used that to share my schemes

2.1.11. WhatsApp I shared information, ideas even jokes with my group/classmates

3. Reading

3.1. On the Web

3.1.1. Youtube I looked some tutorials about how to use some tools, such as Meindmeister or Layar

3.1.2. Sakai First of all I always red the informartion related to every activity Sometimes I downloaded some documents that the profesor uploaded (instructions for the tasks or documents related to the activities)

3.1.3. Twitter I read some biographies of people to do my task related to Twitter I read some tweets to complement my information or thinkings

3.1.4. Web pages Blogs "Las TICAS Blog de Prácticas" "Mad House of Ideas" - "El Bazar de los locos" I read some reflections or stories to complement my Twitter task. I visited some pages to understand what Creative Commons are and types of licenses.

3.2. Physically

3.2.1. Class notes I read them to improve the quality of my tasks

3.2.2. Documents I read information related to the topics in order to understand them and do the activity in the correct way