Plan your projects and define important tasks and actions

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1. Sharing

1.1. Information

1.1.1. Tumblr

1.1.2. Twitter

1.1.3. Powerpoint

1.1.4. Google docs

1.1.5. P2P

1.1.6. Asking doubts to my partners

1.2. PIctures

1.2.1. Tumblr

1.2.2. Presentations (slides)

1.2.3. Flickr

2. Reading

2.1. Internet information

2.1.1. Fickr share pictures and videos. Presentation of 10 thing about me

2.1.2. Tumblr share information and see other people's tumblr

2.1.3. Google look for information about treasure hunts, about web 1.0 and 2.0, how to create a blog, and to look all the information that I needed during the course

2.1.4. Twitter RT other people tweets, sharing information, learning things important to my profesional and personal life and see other people's twitter

2.1.5. Mindmeister To do a mind mip of my PLE and Thinking process and sharing them with other people

2.1.6. Sakai to see the practice we had to do, to see content documents, exam's questions, powerpoint and examples.

2.1.7. to see other people's stories about their twitter experiences

2.1.8. To see other people's opinion about twitter

2.2. Slides and powerpoint

2.2.1. notes and dcuments taken in class

3. Reflecting and Doing

3.1. 10 things about me

3.1.1. 10 things that describe my personality or my hobbies

3.2. Choose the stories more interesting to my mind on



3.3. Following people

3.3.1. people who can be interesting and useful for me and my degree

3.4. RT The tweets

3.4.1. retweet interesting tweets, and doing tweets useful for other people ( my classmates, for instance)

3.5. Thinking of how to do the PLE, mind mips

3.5.1. discovering how to work with mindmeister

3.6. Working in groups

3.6.1. Create the treasure hunt and solve it

3.6.2. doing videos and taking photos

3.6.3. Development the treasure hunt ( QR codes, clues...)

3.6.4. Working in Google Docs

3.6.5. Thinking how can we do a good powerpoint or video

3.6.6. Doing the blog of the treasure hunt

3.6.7. Create in mindmeister my mind maps of PLE and Thinking Process

3.7. Creating accounts

3.7.1. Google

3.7.2. Flickr

3.7.3. Twitter

3.7.4. Tumblr

3.7.5. Mindmeister

3.7.6. Layar

3.8. Reflecting of what I have learnt with Linda during the ITC course