Writing Routine & Positive Messages

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Writing Routine & Positive Messages by Mind Map: Writing Routine & Positive Messages

1. Structure of Routine Request

1.1. The Opening

1.1.1. Stating The Request Up Front Pay Attention To Tone Assume Audience Compliance State Precising What You Want

1.2. The Body

1.2.1. Explaining & Justifying The Request Follow From Opening Remarks Ask Important Questions First Limit Questions To One Topic

1.3. The Close

1.3.1. Requesting Specific Action In A Courteous Close State A Specific Request Provide Contact Information Express Your Appreciation

2. Common Examples Of Routine Request

2.1. Asking For Information And Action

2.1.1. State Your Request Clearly

2.1.2. Explain & Support The Request

2.1.3. Introduce Reader Benefits

2.2. Asking For Recommendations

2.2.1. State Your Request Clearly

2.2.2. Offer Support For Your Request

2.2.3. Express Your Appreciation

3. Strategy For Routine & Positive Messages

3.1. Starting With The Main Idea

3.2. Providing Necessary Details & Explanation

3.3. Ending With Courteous Close

4. Common Examples Of Routine & Positive Messages

4.1. Answering Request For Action & Information

4.2. Grating Claims& Requests For Adjustments

4.3. Providing Recommendations & References

4.4. Sharing Routine Information

4.5. Announcing Good News

4.6. Fostering Goodwill